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What is the Purpose of my Life? – Use God’s Power

It is important to know the purpose of my life, it motivates us and keeps us going.
This series is not about our individual calling but about the purpose God has called all believers to live out.


Jesus was dependant on the Holy Spirit for everything. Jesus lived out His purpose in the power of the Holy Spirit.

God’s power lives inside of all of us. He gives us His power and authority, not just to overcome sin in our lives but to make an impact in the world we live in.

No Formula
There is no set way to use God’s power, Jesus used God’s power in many different ways(Jhn 9v6-7, 4v46-53, Mk 5v25-29, 2v9-12, Lk 17v12-14)
You are free to use God’s power in different ways, Be led by God.

The is No Equal
You have the greatest authority in heaven and earth in you.
We have been called to be overcomers, to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Nothing is imposible
God has done the impossible throughout the Bible.
God turned mistakes into miracles.

How will you use God’s power.

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