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Fighting for Your Destiny – Part 6

This week Mark Waterfield continued our series through Joshua

Don’t stop short, keep on going. Don’t give up on your destiny.

This week we look at 3 things that can cause us to stop short.

1) Perspective gets blocked

There is always a problem in the way of us possessing the promises of God.

Jericho’s walls were 6ft thick and 20ft tall. Jericho blocked the Israelite from the promised land.

It  is not about what we see, it is about what God has said.

2) Progress is not always obvious

Israelites marched around Jericho for 6 days, nothing had changed.

Even though you see nothing happening but that does not mean that faith is not working

The outcome is not our responsibility, it is Gods

We are to be obedient to God

3) Process takes time 

Fulfilling destiny takes time.

God works on a different timescale.

The process means God can grow us and work deep inside us.

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