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Fighting for Your Destiny – Part 5

This week Mark Waterfield continued our series through Joshua

Joshua is about fulfilling the promises of God.

Joshua and the Israelites are in the promised land, ready to take Jericho but before they step into the promises, God reminds them of some key truths.

The kings in the promised land had heard what God has done for the Israelite and are scared, they had already been defeated.

Reminder: Jesus has defeated the enemy.


Remember your identity

Joshua circumsised the entire army.

God asked Joshua to do this as a sign that they were Gods people.

This reminds the Israelites that God is for them.

We do not have this outward sign, the Bible reminds us that we are children of God.


Remember what you are called to do.

When the Israelite crossed the Jordan they started eating of the land and the mana stopped.

God has called us to take the land.

God has called us to action


Remember that Jesus has won the victory

Joshua was surveying Jericho when he encounters God and has a fresh reminder that the battle is the Lord.

God has won the battle.

Go take the promises of God and remember:

You are a child of God
What God has called you to
Jesus has won the victory


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