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Fighting for Your Destiny – Part 1

We all have promises from God.
We need to go and redeem that promise and live out the promises that God has given us.

Joshua is a story of conquest and fulfilling promises.
God promises Abraham the land of Canaan, it was 650 years later that Israel took the land of Canaan.

Will you take the land God has given to you?

Take up the Challenge

Old things have passed away but NOW arise.

There may be reason why we don’t take up the challenge,
There may be difficulties
We don’t know what is to come.

But NOW is the time to take up the challenge

God is committed to you

Joshua accepted the challenge, he knew God’s promise to him.

There is a powerful presence

The victory is yours in Christ Jesus

There is a personal presence

God is there for you in every situation

There is a permanent presence

God will never leave you or forsake you

Be Obedient to God’d commandments

Joshua’s victory is based on his obedience to God’s word

We are called to obey ALL of the word of God

Be consistent
Meditate on the word day and night

Courage, Courage, Courage 

It take courage to take up the challenge.

You will need courage.

Courage is not the absence of fear but it is pushing through despite the fear.

Nothing significant happens without courage.

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